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“This book is a heart-breaking, captivating multi-layered insight into the life of a truly extraordinary individual. A brilliantly written book.”
                                                                             — Michael Rowell, author of Leadership Upgrade
Susan’s goal is to inspire others to live a life that’s present and active in this world, yet shaped by forces that lie beyond it.

Susan is the author of a heart-tugging memoir about her crusade against an out-of-control child protection system that takes away her daughter and falsely accuses her husband of abuse. Her book chronicles the egregious actions taken against the family and Susan’s resultant activism on a national scale that forces the system to change for the better.
God’s grace is the book’s spiritual theme as it explores her fluctuating relationship with God and ultimate reconciliation.
After a lifetime career in business development, Susan and her husband now live in the country outside a small town in Texas.
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Charming Button the dog was born in lines of poetic verse ready to warm hearts and teach children “how to be”— kind, loving and forgiving — and how to make and keep friends. This is the first book in THE BUTTON PACK series, a set of stories about this lovable dog based on a real dog once owned by the author.

From the author— “A few years ago I started writing poetry to entertain a sad friend. It wasn’t long before it dawned on me that many of my poems reminded me of those I loved as a child from A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stephenson. Books we read as children, especially if they’re memorable, can affect us for life, and well-written rhyming verses are especially memorable. Children’s enchantment with rhyming verses can be put to best use if they consist of stories with life lessons.

“Button’s vibrant personality was captured expertly by Illustrator Jagath Kumara. Even though he never knew her, he was able to visually inject her personality into his drawings, which captured my heart and won me over, as I hope they will you, too.”

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